BDes Graphic Design

Year 2 – Fall 

Required Classes

DES 208: Typography I (4 credits)

DES 220: Form + Image Studio (4 credits)

DES 250: Digital Media Design II (4 credits)

AH 110: World History of Art and the Built Environment I (4 credits)
This is a linked class so you need to sign up for a lecture and a corresponding discussion section.
No approvals are needed to register for this class.

16 credits + 2 additional credits *General Education/General Elective

*See below for additional information

Advising Form

Year 3 – Fall 

Required Classes

DES 235: History of Design I (3 credits)

DES 318: Typography III (4 credits) 

DES 350: Digital Media IV (4 credits)

11 credits + 7 additional credits *General Education/General Elective

*See below for additional information

Advising Form 

Year 4 – Fall 

Required Classes

DES 410: Senior Colloquium I (1 credit)

DES 411: Senior Colloquium II (1 credit)

DES 420: Professional Practice Project I (4 credit) 

DES 480: Graphic Design Thesis I (4 credits)

10 credits + 2 additional credits *General Education/General Elective(if you need to maintain full-time status)

*See below for additional information

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General Education / General Elective Classes:

– You should take additional General Education/General Elective classes in the Spring if your schedule allows. Unless you have transferred credits from another institution, transferred high school AP test credits, or plan to take summer classes.
– Remember that General Education (24 hours) and General Electives (13 - 14 hours) are two different categories of requirements.
– Select Advanced Search while browsing for classes to search for classes that fulfill a specific General Education requirement. Under Attribute, select the requirement you wish to fulfill.
– Students can use General Elective credits to pursue a minor. Some popular minors you may want to consider: Art, Architectural Studies, Art History, Business, Communication, Computer Science, Information Technology, Museum and Exhibition Studies, Music, Public Policy, Theater, Sustainable Cities.
– If you don’t want to pursue a minor here are some other options: Faculty-recommended General Elective courses.
– If you are planning on studying abroad, hold off on taking an Exploring World Cultures course as typically some credits earned abroad will count towards that requirement.
– ARCH 200 Architecture and Society fulfills the Individual and Society requirement.

Art Electives:

– See the Art Course Catalog for options. Be sure to cross-reference this with XE Registration.
– No approvals are required for 100-level Art electives.
– To request approval for 200- to 400-level Art electives, email your full name, UIN, and request (including course number, name, day/time, and CRNs) to Amanda Grant (, the Art and Art History advisor. For example: ART 150 Intro to New Media - M/W 9-11:40AM - 34523 + 34524 

Other Notes:

– Be sure to check all sections of the class when you register as your first choice may already be taken.
– 12 credits are considered full-time at UIC. 15 credits are considered full-time for MAP Grant eligibility.
– If you have not taken – or did not pass – DLG 120 you should register ASAP. (Not required for transfer students)
– If you wish to take more than 18 credits, please submit a request form.