Fourth-Year Professional Practice Projects

Professional Practice Project: Selective Options

All students are required to submit a Professional Practice Project application. A faculty committee places students based on skills, interests, and preferences as well as the quality of the submission.
All courses offer real-world professional experience and are open to seniors. Each course meets for an extended period one day per week. Courses involve collaborative teamwork and are often supported by a sponsoring industry partner. 

Prerequisites: DES 319: Typography IV or DES 322: Design Research Methods

DES 420 + DES 421: Professional Practice Project (4 credits)
Fall 2022/Spring 2023

MAD - Mobile App Design

IXD - Interdisciplinary Experience Design (OSF)

IXD - Interdisciplinary Experience Design (CityTECH)

IXD - Interdisciplinary Experience Design (UIC)

EPD - Entrepreneurial Project Development

DTL - Design Thinking + Leadership