Registration Instructions

How to Register for Classes

Logging into XE Registration

  1. Log in to

    • Locate the XE Registration widget on the Welcome page.

      • If you don’t see the widget, you may search for XE Registration at the top right.

      • You may want to add this widget to your favorites.

  2. On the Registration page, click on Register for Classes.

  3. Select the appropriate registration term. (Fall 2022 - Chicago)

  4. If prompted, please confirm your race/ethnicity. Click Save.

  5. If this is your first time accessing the registration portal, you will have to agree to the terms on the Student Consent form before you may register.


Registering for Classes using CRNs

  1. If you know the CRN(s) for your courses, click the Enter CRNs tab, and type in the CRN(s). Click Add to Summary and then "Submit". 

  2. If the classes appear in the schedule as light red blocks there is an error preventing registration for that class. Please contact your academic advisor or the course department to sort out the issue.

  3. If the classes appear in the schedule as striped grey boxes, you are not fully registered yet. Hit Submit again.


Searching/Registering for individual classes

  1. On the Register for Classes page, click the Find classes tab.

  2. Use the Enter your search criteria form to search for additional classes. Start with entering the course name (ENGL) and select the course from the drop-down menu. Enter the course number (160, 161, etc) in the corresponding field and click Search. 

    • You will get an error message if you have a time conflict or if the section you selected is closed. If you have selected a linked course (lecture + lab, lecture + discussion, etc) you will need to click the "View All" button and then select Add all in the next window.

    • To look for classes that will fulfill a specific requirement, select Advanced Search.

      • Under Attribute, select the requirement you wish to fulfill.

      • For example, UIC: Natural World - With Lab, UIC: Past

  3. You must click Submit to officially register for the individual class. If the status is listed as Pending, you are not registered yet.


Using XE Registration

An overview of using XE Registration to register for classes from the Office of the Registrar.


How to View Approvals for DES Electives and Professional Practice Project Classes

  1. Log in to

    • Access the XE Registration Portal

  2. Next, select Student Self-Service.

  3. On the Registration page, navigate to Prepare for Registration.

    • Select the correct term - Fall 2022 - Chicago.

  4. In the Permits and Overrides section, you can view course approvals.

    • If you are planning to take a DES Elective and/or a Professional Practice Project class and do not see any design courses listed in the Permits and Overrides section, your advising form might not have been processed and you should contact the Student Affairs Office, College of Architecture, Design, and the Arts.


Registration Cheat Sheet

Important registration dates and links, pre-registration tips, and common holds.