Current students

The UIC COVID-19 Emergency Grant program has been expanded for Summer 2020. For detailed information visit the FAQ page at Student Financial Aid and Scholarships

UIC is committed to public safety, and provides a free smart phone app that allows you to take advantage of the many campus safety services offered. Please download the appropriate UIC SAFE mobile app to your smart phone—Apple (UIC SAFE) or Android (UIC Mobile)—and familiarize yourself with its features so you’re prepared in case of an emergency. The UIC app also contains a full Safety Toolbox, Emergency Response Guidelines, and Support Resources. 

Location Tracking + Escort:
Virtual Friend Walk—real-time tracking with a contact
UIC Police Virtual Escort—real-time tracking with campus police
Call UIC Police—share your location and/or call campus police

Safe Commute:
Night Ride—a campus shuttle van will give you a ride 11pm–7am
UIC Safe App or dial direct: 312-996-6800

Student Patrol Escort—a campus walking escort 6:30am–11pm
UIC Safe App or dial direct: 312-996-2830

Call UIC Police
UIC Safe App or dial direct: 312-355-5555
from a campus phone: 5-5555

Report a crime or a tip
Text UIC Police 312-355-5555
Call UIC InTouch Crisis Hotline: 6 to 10pm Sunday through Friday 312-996-5535
Call National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 24 hours a day, everyday  800-273-8255

Counseling Center
UIC is committed to helping students deal with stress, handle a crisis or trauma, cope with the transition to college, gain strength from gender and cultural identity, or manage serious mental illness and many other issues. Our counselors can help students increase resilience and positive well-being by developing effective coping and problem-solving skills. Visit the UIC Counseling Center website to make an appointment.

Disability Resource Center
UIC is committed to full inclusion and participation of people with disabilities in all aspects of university life. Students who face or anticipate disability-related barriers should use the link to connect with the Disability Resource Center (DRC). Instructors in receipt of a Letter of Accommodation will work with the student and the DRC to implement the approved accommodations.  

Office for Access and Equity
UIC OAE is committed to providing access to employment, programs, and services in an environment free of unlawful discrimination and harassment. Dispute Resolution Services (DRS) provides confidential consultation, facilitation, and mediation services to students, faculty, academic and support staff. 

Academic Integrity Policy
UIC is committed to providing an environment in which research, learning, and scholarship can flourish and in which all endeavors are guided by academic and professional integrity. All members of the campus community—students, staff, faculty, and administrators—share the responsibility of ensuring that these standards are upheld so that such an environment exists. Instances of academic misconduct will be handled pursuant to the Student Disciplinary Policy.

The Office of Student Affairs in the College of Architecture, Design, and the Arts provides oversight of undergraduate student services for the School of Design. Through management of all aspects of academic life from admissions through graduation, the Office of Student Affairs seeks to promote an equitable, accessible, and positive experience for all undergraduate students.

Office of Student Affairs
College of Architecture, Design, and the Arts

208 Jefferson Hall

Miles Katz 
Serves as Undergraduate Academic Advisor for the School of Design.

Kevin Strickland 
Leads Student Affairs in the School of Design.
Kevin is a resource for all UIC Design students, additionally responsible for Graduate Advising.

Nondiscrimination Statement
UIC is committed to the most fundamental principles of academic freedom, equality of opportunity, and human dignity involving students and employees. Freedom from discrimination is a foundation for all decision-making at UIC. Students are encouraged to review the university’s Nondiscrimination Statement.