Kim Erwin


Kim Erwin
Co-Founder and Co-Director, UIC Institute for Helathcare Delivery Design
Research Professor, UIC School of Design
UIC Healthcare Delivery Design  

MDes Communication, IIT Institute of Design
BA Philosophy and Logic, Loyola University, Chicago

Kim Erwin is trained in human-centered design methods, which seek to develop empathic solutions to better fit everyday lives, activities and contexts. In her role at Population Health Sciences at the University of Illinois at Chicago, Kim applies design methods to address complex challenges in healthcare delivery. Her work helps to align evidence-based medical interventions with human behavior and to accelerate adoption by patients and clinical staff. Prior to joining UIC, Kim Erwin was Associate Professor at IIT’s Institute of Design and Director of its Center for Collaborative Healthcare Design. Kim also brings twenty years experience in innovation consulting, bridging insights and complex information to people who need to understand and use it. Her research targets communication methods for collaborative knowledge construction using shared experiences. Her book, Communicating the New: Methods to Shape and Accelerate Innovation, focuses on helping teams explore, build and diffuse critical knowledge inside organizations.