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1-2 Credit Hour Course Options

These courses may not be offered every semester and may have restrictions or prerequisites that prevent your registration and enrollment. This list is intended to be a guide and reference but is not exhaustive or all-inclusive.


– DES 110: Design Inclusion (1 credit)
The elective course is offered occasionally during the Spring semester.
Note: This course will only partially fulfill the DES Elective requirement.
*This is a different class than the required DES 110 Design Colloquium course.



– The School of Theatre and Music offers 1-credit ensemble courses if you have an interest in singing or music.

– AH 303: Writing in Art History (1 credit)
Research methodology and writing in the field of art history.



– Some Kinesiology (KN) courses are offered for 1 credit.

– DLG 120: Dialogue Seminar (1 credit)
If you weren’t required to take the First-year Dialogue Seminar, this class will count as a general elective. While most sections are only available to first-year students, a few of the sections are open to all class standings.

– Academic Support Program (ASP) - The Academic Center for Excellence offers several 1 credit courses that may suit your needs. Just keep in mind that while the ASP courses will allow you to maintain full-time status during a given semester, any course credits for a class below 100-level will not count towards graduation. 

– OT 360: Promoting Wellbeing (2 credits)
Provides opportunities for students to gain knowledge and skills from an occupational therapy perspective to promote self-management and wellbeing for themselves and others, applying the concepts to academic, social, work, and professional roles.
Prerequisite(s): Undergraduate standing at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

– EPSY 413: Youth Development Colloquium (1 credit)
Focuses on current issues and trends in the field of youth development.
Course Information: Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grading only. May be repeated. Prerequisite(s): Junior standing or above.

– HN 202: Culture and Food (2 credits)
Provides a perspective on factors that affect the development of food habits, similarities and differences across cultures, and how they use of foods provides a window to multiculturalism.
Course Information: Previously listed as HN 302. World Cultures course.

– BIOS 184: The Basics of Neuroscience (1 credit)
Introduction to the scientific study of the brain and behavior. Overview of neuroscience as an integrative discipline.
Course Information: Same as PHIL 184 and PSCH 184. Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grading only.

– MILS 151: Civilian Introduction to Military Physical Fitness (1 credit) 
Intended as an introduction for civilians to Army Physical Fitness. The students will gradually improve their level of physical fitness over a semester.
Course Information: May be repeated to a maximum of 8 hours.

– MILS 171: Advanced Physical Fitness (1 credit)
This group exercise class incorporates CrossFit-type methods along with Army philosophy and teachings. It is focused on advanced weight training, metabolic conditioning, movement skill, and technique.


General Education Course Search 

Logging into XE Registration

  1. Log in to the Student Portal at

    • On the Welcome page, click XE Registration/View Classes.

  2. On the Registration page, click on Register for Classes. 

    • Select the appropriate registration term (Fall 2022 - Chicago) and click Continue.

    • Note: You can still access course information in the Browse Classes option if your time ticket is not yet active.

Searching for individual classes

  1. On the Register for Classes (or Browse Classes) page, click the Find classes tab.

  2. Select Advanced Search while browsing for classes. 

  3. Under Attribute, select the requirement you wish to fulfill.

    • For example, UIC: Natural World - With Lab, UIC: Past

Transferring Credits from Another College to UIC

If you wish to take General Education, General Elective, or AH 110/AH 111 at another college over the summer and transfer the credits to UIC, please follow the steps outlined below. 


  • Determine which college you wish to attend and research classes the college offers that you might like to take.

    • You may utilize to see if the classes will transfer to UIC and what requirements the class(es) would fulfill.


BEFORE YOU REGISTER FOR ANY CLASSES, you need to submit a "General Petition" form to request approval to take classes outside UIC.

  1. To complete the form, you will need to know: 

    • the college you plan to attend

    • the course name

    • the course number

  2.  Attach a print-out of the online course description to the General Petition request.

    • You may list more than one class on the same General Petition form.

    • Please note that the request may take up to 2 weeks to process.



When the class is completed, you will need to have your transcripts sent to UIC so that we may add the credits to your academic record.

  1. Request the transcripts from the college you attended. 

    • If you request electronic transcripts please have them sent to this email address: Elizabeth Salvi -

    • The transcripts must be official copies. If you accidentally have them sent to your email address, they are no longer official and will need to be re-ordered from the college.

  2. Notify Elizabeth Salvi - that you have requested the transcripts.

  3. Monitor your DARs report online.

    • It may take up to 4 weeks for the credits to appear.

    • If the credits appear in the proper place, no further action is required. If not, please email Elizabeth so that she can review your degree audit.

Changing Course Credit Hours

Logging into XE Registration

  1. Log into a new version of Student Portal at

    • On the Welcome page, click XE Registration/View Classes.

  2. On the Registration page, click on Register for Classes.

    • Select the appropriate registration term (Fall 2022 - Chicago) and click Continue.

Changing credit hours

  1. Click on Schedule and Options

  2. Click the credits for the class you want to change (should be underlined) and change to the proper credit amount.

    • DES 400 Elective classes should be listed at 4 credit hours.


Finding your Time Ticket and Holds in XE Registration

XE Registration Instructions

  1. Log in to

    • Locate the XE Registration/View Classes link on the Welcome page.

      • If you don’t see the link, you may search for XE Registration at the top right.

      • You may want to add this widget to your favorites.

  2. On the Registration page, click on Prepare for Registration.

    • Select the appropriate registration term. (Fall 2022 - Chicago)

      • Your Registration Time Ticket and holds will be displayed on the next page.


Financial Hold - University Bursar (312) 996 8574 (

Transcript Hold - Office of Admissions (312) 996 4350 (

Immunizations - Office of Registration and Records (312) 413-0464 (

Title IX Sexual Assault and Training Holds - Title IX Coordinator (Preferred) 312-996-8670

Academic Hold (by department) - Contact your advisor for academic hold issues

General Petition Form

Request to Enroll Over 18 Credit Hours