Daria Tsoupikova to present at the Nobel Peace Prize Forum

Daria Tsoupikova, Associate Professor of Media Design, will present Hearts and Minds, the Interrogations Project at the Nobel Peace Prize Forum on Friday September 15th in Minneapolis, MN. 

The mission of the Nobel Peace Prize Forum is to inspire peacemaking efforts, in their many forms, lift up the work of recent Peace Prize laureates and to educate a new generation of peacemakers. It is a portal and a platform for educational, business, research, artistic, scientific and other organizations reflecting the multidimensional nature of peace and supporting efforts in areas of Human Rights, Conflict Resolution and Disarmament, Economic Development, Global Health, and Environmental Sustainability.

Hearts and Minds, the Interrogations Project, is a Virtual Reality environment about human rights based on veterans testimonies of US military enhanced interrogation practices during the Iraq War.