2021 Public Seminar Series: Peter Bil'ak


Peter Biľak is a multidisciplinary designer based in the Netherlands. He is the founder of Typotheque, which specializes in type design, typography and branding. Whether as small as postage stamps, or as large as major exhibitions or branding projects, his work is characterized by deep engagement with the content and audience. He prefers to get involved in projects in their early, conceptual phases and many of his endeavors have challenged the status quo: he co-founded Dot Dot Dot, a seminal art and culture magazine, and also Works That Work, a magazine of unexpected creativity that not only broadened the definition of design but also introduced new models of operations for independent periodicals. He co-founded Fontstand, a new way of discovering and licensing fonts, as well as TPTQ Arabic, a company focused on the development of modern and authentic Arabic typefaces. His longstanding collaboration with the choreographer Lukáš Timulak led to starting Make Move Think, a foundation for interdisciplinary artistic collaboration. Peter writes and lectures worldwide about the possibilities of design.

The UIC School of Design public seminar series serves as a research platform for the school's MDES program, stimulating broad intellectual inquiry about the values guiding the designer by promoting discourse across industrial and graphic design.


UIC School of Design 2021 Public Seminar Series Peter Bil'ak

Thursday, 15 April

12:00 - 1 pm CDT

YouTube live stream link: https://youtu.be/pzgA6610_7Y

Free and open to the public