Master of Design

The UIC Master of Design prepares designers to make substantive contributions that advance the profession and improve our world.  

The University of Illinois at Chicago, School of Design, offers the Master of Design (MDes) degree in Graphic Design and Industrial Design. The MDes is a two-year program focused on an independent masters research project that offers students the opportunity to explore a topic of inquiry with the potential to inform and shape disciplinary knowledge. Applicants who do not hold a bachelors degree in design may be eligible for the MDes Preliminary Year which provides a year-long course of study, customized per student, in preparation for the two-year MDes sequence.

Students applying directly to the two-year program are expected to demonstrate a record of professional experience in design and to present a considerable and significant portfolio of work. Students applying through the MDes Preliminary Year are typically seeking a career shift from relevant expereince in a non-design field. MDes Preliminary Year applicants are required to submit a standard two-year application designating a field of interest (Industrial or Graphic Design). During the MDes Preliminary Year, this choice of field will be confirmed or changed based on a student's evolving interest.

Master of Design Curriculum