2021 Public Seminar Series: OOMK


One of My Kind (also called OOMK) is a multidisciplinary art/design/publication collaborative founded in 2014, by Sofia Niazi, Rose Nordin and Heiba Lamara. OOMK has participated in a residency headquartered within Sommerset House Studios, London’s working arts center. They published zines, programmed events centered around publishing, and led discussions on arts for social practice, alternative education, self-publishing, and centering marginalized voices through print and small press.

The collective also runs Rabbits Road Press that was established in 2016 as a community printing press in Newhan, East London. From there they produce the OOMK Zine, a biannual publication focused on women, art, faith, and activism, each issue centering on a different theme. RRP also contains an informal library of wide-ranging zines collected by OOMK across a variety of international collaborative projects since 2013, now held onsite at Rabbits Road Press within the Old Manor Park Library. RRP has open access sessions that offer the local community an opportunity to learn Risograph printing for free, with the goal of making the press as accessible as possible and building community.

The UIC School of Design public seminar series serves as a research platform for the school's MDES program, stimulating broad intellectual inquiry about the values guiding the designer by promoting discourse across industrial and graphic design.


UIC School of Design 2021 Public Seminar Series OOMK

Thursday, 9 September

6:00 - 7:30 pm CDT

YouTube live stream link:https://youtu.be/P82DqaayfiM

Free and open to the public