Sung Jang: Mobi opening reception

Join Sung Jang, Assistant Professor of Industrial Design, at the opening reception for Sung Jang: "Mobi" at Volume Gallery,  November 22, 2014 from 4:00–7:00, 845 W Washington Blvd. Chicago

In works that are both effortless and exponential, miniature and massive, single and summation, the new works of Sung Jang converge in their contrasts and assemble strength through segments. His findings strive after a mechanical explanation of ‘beauty’, revealing two oppositional outcomes, in which beauty exists as efficiency and as expense. Aesthetic efficiency, he discovered, produces maximum impact for minimum effort, while beauty as expense derives from taxing intensity. Mobi looks to embody both diametric discoveries through its fractal framework and individually elegant components.

Through Sung Jang Laboratory, Sung strives to understand qualitative attributes of design such as beauty, elegance, and extravagance in culturally-rooted approaches. Sung has worked with international brands such as Louis Vuitton, Guzzini, and Roche Bobois and been represented internationally at Venice Biennale, Design Miami, and the aA Design Museum.

Volume Gallery is derived from a compulsion to provide a platform for emerging American designers to engage with an international audience. Founded by Sam Vinz and Claire Warner, Volume Gallery releases editions, publications, and exhibits that ask critical questions of what it means to be an American designer in a culture that is rapidly becoming global in scale, while simultaneously examining the American experience. 

Sung Jang: Mobi continues through January 23

Volume Gallery
845 West Washington Blvd.
Hours: Monday–Saturday 11:00–6:00