Counter-Signals 2: Hieroglyphs of the Anti-Commodity

Please join us on Monday 6 Nov, 4–6 pm at the University of Illinois at Chicago, room 1100 ADS, for a launch and discussion of Counter-Signals 2: Hieroglyphs of the Anti-Commodity. 

Assembling a walloping twenty-two essays, lines drawn in the previous issue are taken up and given new border-styles as they mark the shifting complicities and antagonisms of politics, design, and media — particularly print, but also radio, animation, fashion, and much more besides. As this issue continues the Counter-Signals project of articulating an idiosyncratic genealogy of communist media forms, it significantly ups the ante by including itself in the militant mix. 

At our launch, Chicago-based contributors Lisa VinebaumFrancesco MarulloJennifer ScappettoneNellie Kluz, Chris Reeves, Alan Smart, and Jack Henrie Fisher will assemble for an informal discussion around the themes and questions of their contributions to the issue. We will conclude by considering ways in which the publication and the event aspire to construct a new counter-disciplinary space. 

Hope to see you there!

Counter-Signals is published by Other Forms. Both issues of the journal, as well as other publications, will be on sale at the event.