Philip Burton featured in exhibition: Weingart Typografie

TEE-Trans Europ Express, a book designed and printed by UIC Design Professor Philip Burton during his studies at the Basel School of Design 1970-1975, is featured in Weingart Typografie, a major exhibition of the works and teachings of Wolfgang Weingart at the Museum of Design Zurich, Switerland. Weingart intiated and taught the Advanced Class for Graphic Design at the Basel School of Design starting in 1968. This program attracted students from around the world, many of whom turned to careers of teaching and practice--ensuring international dissemination of their learnings.

"Wolfgang Weingart revitalized modern Swiss typography and, in doing so, wrote international design history." ––Barbara Junod, Curator

As one of the world's greatest designers and a famed "teacher of the teachers" of UIC Graphic Design, the experimental and influential legacy of Wolfgang Weigngart exists in our program today. Philip's famous "TEE" book is now in the permanent collection of the Art Institute of Chicago. 

Professor Burton delivered remarks at the exhibition opening on May 7, 2014 and will additionally particpate in a panel discussion led by Museum Director, Christian Brändle, and Barbara Junod, curator of the exhibition in Zurich on September 3, 2014. (6pm CEST).