Cheryl Towler Weese presents at AIGA Women’s Design Conference

Cheryl Towler Weese, Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies, Graphic Design, was the opening speaker at Woman Up!, an AIGA women's design conference last fall.

At the conference, Cheryl discussed contemporary workplace inequity — from the leadership and wage gap between men and women, to cultural norms of playing nice, to issues raised in the recent presidential election. She touched on the history and perspectives of other female designers and design educators; discussed the positive influence of women mentors, collaborators, and supporters; and connected these models to her own practice.

Sponsored by AIGA Iowa, the conference was part of AIGA's Woman Up Initiative, which is committed to empowering women in design and advancing discourse on issues facing professional women. Woman Up celebrates the achievements of women in design and cultivates awareness of gender-related issues, while building knowledge and leadership skills and facilitating relationships within and beyond the design industry.

Image: 2017 Women’s March, Creative Commons