Other Forms :: January Talks + It's Nice That

Jack Henrie Fisher, Assistant Professor of Graphic Design, Co-founder of Other Forms, and Editor of Counter-Signals, participated in a series of talks in Europe that present words and images from the first two issues. Counter-Signals is a serial anthology which documents and theorizes antithetical aesthetic formations in the history of self-organized publishing—printed, broadcast, posted, etc. Counter-Signals seizes on a double program: to track like-minded forms of militant publishing—incomplete and contradictory—in all their historical and technical mediation, and to reflexively elicit its own formal and editorial mutations, abridgments, and excursions in the present tense.

Berlin: Motto Books 
Saturday, January 6
Hopscotch Reading Room
Kurfurstenstrasse 14
10785 Berlin

Other Forms was joined in Berlin by designer and writer Cornelia Durka, who will present her recent research around the Handbuch der Raubdrucke, in the context of larger questions about the circulation of counter publicity around and against the law. 

Vienna: Salon for Book Arts
Wednesday, January 10
Arsenalstrasse 1
1030 Wein

London: Evening Class  
Thursday, January 11
48 Aberfeldy Street

The discussion at Evening Class elaborated a reading of Seth Siegelaub’s introduction to volume 1 of Communication and Class Struggle, and hypothesize the contemporary political stakes of that bibliographic disorganization and precarity which Siegelaub melancholically articulated for XX century Marxist publishing. Other Forms discussed this text, and others, in relation to Counter-Signals as well as their wider publishing practice. In London Other Forms was joined in discussion by Nicholas Thoburn, author of Anti-Book: On the Art and Politics of Radical Publishing (University of Minnesota Press, 2016). 

An interview with Jack Henrie Fisher and Alan Smart is also featured on It's Nice That, a blog that champions exciting and engaging creative work online, in print, and through events.