TJ O'Keefe :: New Work

TJ O'Keefe, Clinical Assistant Professor of Industrial Design, has launched several new limited edition lighting products including "H."

"H" creates a horizontal field of vision contained and complimented by two vertical bars of light. There is a moment where the two colors intersect, and the blue and red light mix, giving the illusion of the blue physically pushing into the red light, as if the light fields hold mass and can't occupy the same space. The resulting effect is an abstract depth of space in a palette that resembles the view across a still lake at dusk. 

 is an American furniture and object design company established in 2010. Driven by a philosophy derived from the ideals of architecture, industrial design, and graphic design, the studio applies merits and parameters of each discipline to every object produced. O'Keefe strives to create powerful objects through compelling minimalism in the truest sense of the word—aiming to achieve the greatest effect by the simplest means.

Image: H (Red, Cyan) 2018, Power-coated aluminum, LED