Jack Henrie Fisher & Other Forms Announce the Publication of Scapegoat 11

Otherforms is a mobile research and design collective working in multiple intersections of architecture, graphic design, and publishing founded by Jack Henrie Fisher, Assistant Professor of Graphic Design, and his partner, Alan Smart. 

Designed by Other Forms since issue 6, Scapegoat is a crucial journal of architecture and landscape—one of the few publications in recent years in which to find sustained discussions of the political-economic dimensions of the built environment. With this issue—in order to more intensively circulate Scapegoat through their developing network of bookstores, book fairs, websites, and email lists—Other Forms has performed in the role of publisher.

Scapegoat 11: LIFE is, for the first time, offset printed and bound into a thick A5 slab of gorgeous red and black.

Scapegoat: Architecture / Landscape / Political Economy
Winter 2017–Spring 2018
Published by Other Forms
Edited by Marcin Kędzior and Seth Denizen