Kimberlee Wilkens presents at UIC East + West Research Mixer

Launched March 9, 2017, by Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs Robert Barish and Provost Susan Poser, the monthly UIC East + West Research Mixers series aims to increase communication among faculty on research topics to foster multidisciplinary collaboration. The series is hosted by the UIC Innovation Center, the campus’ hub for innovation, education, and collaboration.

On September 5, Kimberlee Wilkens, Assistant Professor of Industrial Design, and faculty representing other UIC discipllines presented research and creative work on the topic of Reproductive Health. Wilkens specficially addressed her role as a designer within the medical world. Her work in reproductive health, largely done through her affiliation with the Department of Urology, addresses the unnecessary compromising of low-count sperm specimens throughout the cryopreservation process.