Don Bergh


Don Bergh 
Affiliate Faculty, UIC Innovation Center
Associate Director, UIC Innovation Center

Yale Summer Program in Graphic Design, Brissago
BFA Graphic Design, Minneapolis College of Art and Design

Don Bergh shares his graphic design expertise as an adjunct associate professor at UIC’s School of Design, leading two senior-level graphic design courses: Interdisciplinary Product Development (IPD) and Professional Practice: Mobile Application Design. 

Before joining UIC, Don was a founder of Iota Partners, a research and development firm that combined experienced-based research with sensor technologies and analytics. Past work also includes Design Director of The McKinsey Quarterly; Design Director at E-Lab; and Design and Publications Director at Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art. 

Co-author of “Collaborative Innovation Across Industry, Academy and Functional Boundaries: How Companies Innovate with Interdisciplinary Faculty and Student Teams” in collaboration with fellow UIC faculty members, Don was awarded a Graham Foundation Design Fellowship at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. His work has also received an Associate’s Exhibition Award and the Champion International Award, and been published by the American Center for Design, American Institute of Graphic Arts, and the American Federation of the Arts, among others. 

In addition to his role in the classroom, Don serves as a member of UIC’s Innovation Center, is the co-leader of the Caterpillar Research Lab, and serves as the AxIIS Research Lab Design Lead, which focuses on how businesses manage innovation processes within their organizations.