Grace Spee


Grace Spee
Clinical Assistant Professor
Assistant Director, Events and Communications

MDes Graphic Design, University of Illinois Chicago
BA Psychology, Kent State University

Grace Spee’s design practice sits amongst the realms of design, animation, and computer science. She attempts to gamify her design process, pushed by her deep interests in video games as an artistic medium, digital living, kinetic typography, and virtual reality. Grace’s current design research focuses on the sense of self and identity in digital spaces, using design to question and explore how digital ways of living affect us culturally, socially, and psychologically. Before starting her career as a designer, Grace studied psychology and worked in several research laboratories, both as a researcher and a graduate therapist. 

Grace’s work has been shown in the Video Game Art Gallery in Chicago and has been published in the International Journal of Visual Design. In 2021, she and her teammates presented their work OASIS: A Collaborative Virtual Reality Design Exhibition at the International Conference on Design Principles & Practices. Most recently, Grace was part of the Art Gallery Subcommittee for ACM SIGGRAPH 2022, the premier conference and exhibition on computer graphics and interactive techniques, and presented an analysis on the history and evolution of typography in video games at Typecon 2023.