Jack Henrie Fisher


Jack Henrie Fisher 
Associate Professor, Graphic Design 

MFA Graphic Design, University of Illinois Chicago 
BA English and Philosophy, Guilford College

Jack Henrie Fisher is a graphic designer, editor, and publisher. He is a partner in the design and publishing office Other Forms, and co-edits and designs the journal Counter-Signals. Other Forms criss-crosses technical forms and economies of print-on-demand, offset lithography, and Risograph printing. Other Forms publications circulate in an international network of art book fairs, independent bookstores, reading rooms, and other informal spaces. In each publication, Other Forms investigates the implicit mutuality and antagonism of aesthetics, media, and politics in the production of new and old forms of militant communication, usually in print. Jack also makes websites and writes, slowly, about the historical entanglements of the book form with its political and economic modes of production. 

Jack’s writing has appeared in OEI 86–87: publishing practices/publishing poetics, Convolution 5–7, Scapegoat 4: Currency, Design Issues Volume 27 Number 4, Extra-Curricular (Onomatopee), Becoming-major/Becoming-minor (Jan van Eyck Academie), Walker Reader, The Graphic Design Bible (Ilex), Superstructures: Notes on Experimental Jetset 2 (Roma), séance de lecture, Books Is Books: A Statement of Intent (Minimum Efficiency Press), AIGA Eye on Design, Who Can Afford To Be Critical? (Set Margins), Otros Formats (Esto Es un Libro-Laboratorio), IDEA POLL (Miss Read), Posters for Change: Tear/Paste/Protest (Princeton Architectural Press), and Counter-Signals 1–4 (Other Forms).

At UIC, he teaches classes in typography, publishing, the internet, game theory, counterfeiting, identity, YouTube tutorials, obsolete media, the cryptic commodity form, and other cool stuff like that.