Meghan Ferrill


Meghan Ferrill
Instructor, Design Writing

Meghan has a passion for literature, especially poetry, and an enduring interest in graphic design. Before returning to her native Chicago, she lived in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, for twenty years, where she soloed as a creative writer and conceptual text designer. She initiated and curated an unprecedented series of nine poetry and typography exhibitions at the Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art, which led to her engagement as a guest lecturer in the Master of Design program at Sint Joost Art Academy in Breda and the development  of specialized workshops entitled Poetry in Public Space , which  she also took to China and Spain.

Meghan has been instrumental in bringing creative writing and poetry to the School of Design curriculum; to its MDes graduate program, offering two specialized classes aptly titled Learning to Write and Writing to Learn, as well as to its Senior BDes Thesis class. She has a BA degree from the University of Iowa and has completed graduate studies at Northwestern University, Oxford University, and Temple.