Student Scholarships

UIC Osmosis Charles Harrison Scholarship

What if the design professions were truly inclusive—reflecting the multi-racial, multi-cultural hybridity that is the new face of our nation? 

In 2014, UIC School of Design and Project Osmosis established the UIC Osmosis Charles Harrison Scholarship. Named for the African-American design visionary who personifies our shared ambitions, this award is designed to bridge creative excellence identified in Osmosis minority youth programs with mentorship and financial support for college level design studies.

Charles “Chuck” Harrison (1931–2018) is perhaps best known for his 1958 design of the iconic ViewMaster Model G—the toy version of a popular stereoscopic viewer, which became a staple in every mid-century home. With a talent and perseverance that broke boundaries, Chuck eventually led the corporate design group at Sears where he was responsible for the design of countless products that defined the so-called “American Dream” including console televisions, portable hair dryers, sewing machines, and a full-range of ever-evolving kitchen appliances.

He taught industrial design at UIC as well as the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He received the National Design Award for Lifetime Achievement in 2008. And his book, A Life’s Design, traces his prolific career as a designer and teacher. In a world where it is still all too rare to see a person of color in a position of design leadership, Chuck lives on in our collective memory as a much-cherished colleague, teacher, and inspiring example of everyday design heroism.