Student Scholarships

UIC Osmosis Charles Harrison Scholarship

What if the design professions were truly inclusive—reflecting the multi-racial, multi-cultural hybridity that is the new face of our nation? 

The UIC School of Design and Project Osmosis announce the UIC Osmosis Charles Harrison Scholarship. Named for the design visionary who connects our shared efforts and ambitions, this award is designed to bridge creative excellence identified in Osmosis minority youth programs with mentorship and financial support for college level design studies.

Charles Harrison received the National Design Award for Lifetime Achievement in 2008. His book, A Life’s Design, traces his prolific career as a designerand teacher. 

During the decades when America wrestled with its identity in the streets, a young African American took up with a pencil and gave shape to the American Dream—object by object. Many familiar and iconic treasures of mid-Century domestic life were designed by “Chuck” Harrison. If you grew up with a View Master, you grew up with Chuck. If you remember the bonnet portable hair dryer, you remember Chuck. If your family had a console television, there’s a good chance that Chuck was on the design team that brought it to your living room.