Student Advisory Board (DES/SAB)

In the Fall 2020 semester, the UIC School of Design introduced a Student Advisory Board. This group has been established to provide a regular line of communication between the various student cohorts as well as the faculty leadership and school administration. DES/SAB members consult on matters of student interest and concern. The aims of this new student leadership team are to:

  • Include student participation in UIC School of Design governance;
  • Encourage active student leadership;
  • Establish a clear and consistent process for student input on organizational matters;
  • Define and advance student led initiatives; and
  • Access and address student concerns.

DES/SAB consists of: Student Members, a Staff Representative; and a Faculty Representative. Student Members are elected each by their classmates. There is at least one Student Member representing each active degree program (MDes GD, MDes ID, BDes GD, BDes ID, and BA). The Coordinator of Academic Programs and Student Services serves the Staff Representative. The Faculty Representative is appointed by the School Executive Committee.

DES/SAB holds a minimum of one meeting per semester. Student representatives will bring interests and/or concerns of their respective cohorts and work collectively to advance or resolve these items. The Staff Representative serves as a liaison between the Student Members and School, College, and University. The Faculty Representative serves as a liaison between the DES/SAB and the School Executive Committee.

For more information on how you can get involved, please contact Kevin Strickland (