Raina Kumar


Objects become indispensable part of our lives, the innate power of experience in them goes unnoticed. This project involves exploration into my perspective on objects roles in our daily lives as ‘Through Objects’. Tapping on the poetic beauty of objects to become meaningful yet invisible. Objects are often used for unsaid communication. My work explores this idea of an object as a tool for communication. I drew upon my own observations and experiences backed by research and experiments, to drive the design of the displayed objects. These are a manifestations of an object as a connecting tool in social scenario.

The family of objects has five members-


Can an object facilitate dialogue? This object is outcome of this question which intends at giving two people chance to talk, and give each other chances. It also facilitates connection through collaboration to keep the balance. Playing with power and balance, it depends upon dynamics of the argument/ dialogue. It makes it difficult for anyone to walk out of the talk.

To face someone directly can be awkward for people in some situations. This objects makes people to face the other person, facilitating interaction. Being in con ned space, made to face someone, it mimics the those awkward situations in life.


This object aims to deal with privilege for selected few. The person sitting in the booth-box has the space to himself, also can over hear or eavesdrop. Depending upon personal choice and situation, she/he could react to conversation on the other side.


Equality is not about providing same to all, but providing more to less and less to more. Based on this Utopian idea, this objects aims at accentuating equality or the grave inequality. Smaller person sitting on higher side and taller person sitting on lower side will make them feel equal. But in inverse situation, it will give rise to intimidation and feeling of imposition, creating uncomfortable situation.


Focus, the look with importance. The object facilitates to look at the person sitting on the other side. Giving a moment to connect which has potential to grow into different stages of intimacy.