Tongxin Guo

The Library is an indirect contribution and sharing system that invites the opinions and perspectives of others, encouraging application of those ideas towards one’s self exploration.  It is your choice to argue, filter, and reflect upon these proposed viewpoints to build your own opinions resulting in a better explored self.

Motivated by the innate need for intimacy, we share with others, giving us an opportunity to learn from them and to explore ourselves.

The Library is a bookcase which you can slide in books from the opendings on one side and get books being pushed out on the other side. It’s inviting you to share something you think it’s worthwhile to share, then get something which other people think it’s valuable to share.

The material is designed to be frosted so that ideally you wouldn’t see the covers of the books and are open to any books shared by others. You may find an unlikely source of inspiration from a text that is important to someone else. By sliding books in, you are willing to hear from outside perspectives, to at least get to know it and get inspired. Then it’s your choice to argue it, to filter it, and to reflect upon yourself and build up your own opinions and a better explored self