BA Design Studies: Instructions


These two items are submitted via SlideRoom. Your portfolio must be submitted by April 27th at 5 PM CDT/Chicago time.

The process will work as follows:

  • Visit the UIC School of Design portal on the SlideRoom website.

    • Select the degree program you wish to apply to, and click Apply Now.
      (You may submit for more than one program, but please note that you will have to repeat this process for each program.)

    • You do not have to complete the SlideRoom submission all at once, but you should create your account early in the week to log in and see how it works. This will give you a few days to get any questions you may have questions answered before the deadline.

  • FORMS: Fill out the short introduction form.

  • ATTACHMENTS: Attach your 500-700 word written statement as a PDF.

    • Prompt: In addition to your portfolio, please prepare a written statement, 500-700 words in length, that addresses the following prompt: What do designers do? Please refer to at least one work of design of your choice to support your assertions and include your full name and UIN at the top of the page.

    • Use the same formatting used for assignments in your English classes.

    • When done, click Continue to the next step.

  • PORTFOLIO: Attach individual PDFs for each foundation course.

    • Submit one multiple-page PDF per course, following any specific instructions noted in the instructions for specific classes linked from the side menu.

      • Be sure to update each course's cover with your information.

    • You have a total of 7 available slots in your portfolio submission.

      • You will not be able to submit your portfolio until four individual PDFs for required foundation classes (DES 140, DES 150, DES 160, DES 170) are uploaded.

      • The additional three slots are optional and may be used to upload work from other foundation courses you may have taken or other relevant work you wish for the review committee to see.

      • If you choose to submit a PDF of additional work, please add a cover sheet explaining what you’ve included and why you feel it is relevant to your future studies.

  • For foundation courses: Use the course number and name of the course as the Title. 

    • Example: DES 160 Design Photography.

    • List your professor’s name under Additional details.

    • Click Next.

  • Review your materials, and click Submit Application when finished.

    • Once you submit your materials, you are no longer able to make edits.

    • You will receive a confirmation email.

If you have questions about the content/format of the portfolio for foundation classes, you may contact your professor or the coordinator for the course. For questions about submitting additional work you feel is relevant, you may contact Jonathan Mekinda (, Director of the BA Design Studies program.


Design Studies interviews will take place via Zoom on April 29th. Zoom links will be mailed out closer to the interview date and added to the corresponding signup sheet.
Sign up for your interview by April 22nd at 5 PM CDT/US Chicago time.

  • The link to the sign-up sheet will be sent to you via email.

    • You will need to be logged into your UIC account so fill out the form.

    • When you select your time, please be careful not to accidentally delete another student's information from the sign-up sheet.

  • Please choose the earliest time slot available to avoid significant gaps in the interview schedule.

    • Please do not schedule an interview after 3 PM unless all other slots are taken.

    • If large gaps in the interview schedule occur, we may contact students to reschedule to an earlier time.

  • You may also sign up for the ID and/or GD review if you aren’t sure which major you want, and you have completed all six required foundation courses.

    • Please be mindful to not select conflicting interview times.