BA Design Studies: Instructions


You are required to submit the following materials to your personal Box folder:

  • PORTFOLIO: A Foundation student's portfolio for the BA Design Studies program is comprised of the following 4 course books:

    • DES 140, DES 150, DES 160, DES 170

      • Materials to produce each Foundation course book should be provided by your section instructor. All course book cover templates/fonts are also available in this Box folder. Be sure to update each book cover with your information. Please email your instructor if you are missing anything, or feel free to contact the course coordinator if the instructor isn’t available—contact information can be found on Foundation Review Instructions.

      • Each course book should be a separate multi-page PDF. 

      • You may upload 3 additional PDFs with work from other Foundation Year courses or relevant work you wish for the review committee to see. If you choose to submit additional work, please add a cover sheet explaining what you’ve included and why you feel it is relevant to your future studies. For questions about submitting additional work you feel is relevant, you may contact Robert Zolna (, Faculty Lead for BA Design Studies.

  • WRITTEN STATEMENT: Your statement should be a separate single-page PDF based on the following writing prompt:

    • PROMPT: What do designers do? Please refer to at least one work of design of your choice to support your assertions.​

      • The file naming format must follow: LastName_FirstName_UIN_DegreeProgram (e.g., Doe_John_123456789_BADesignStudies).

      • The statement should be 500-750 words in length, 12-point font, double-spaced.

      • Include your full name and UIN at the top of the page.


All interviews will be held in our A+DS building on Fri Apr 26. Each interview can take up to 20 minutes, so please plan accordingly.

Link to Foundation Review Handout: BA Design Studies