BDes Double Degree (GD + ID): Instructions

In order to apply for the BDes Double Degree program in Graphic Design and Industrial Design, students must:

  • Sign up for BOTH BDes degree program interviews; indicate interest in the appropriate field next to your entry on the sign-up sheet.

  • Upload the 6 required course books—see BDes instructions.

  • Upload 2 separate written statements, based on the provided prompt for each degree program—see BDes instructions.

Things to consider if you are interested in pursing a Double Degree:

  • Faculty from both degree programs must agree to accept a student for the Double Degree track. It is possible to pass the Foundation Review for both the Graphic Design and Industrial Design programs but not be approved to pursue a Double Degree.

  • The Double Degree track is a mandatory 5-year program (includes the Foundation Year).

  • Completing the Double Degree program results in two diplomas—one for Graphic Design and one for Industrial Design.

  • Depending on course scheduling, it may not be possible for Double Degree students to take every course within each degree program. A course substitution for a Design elective may be necessary for such instances.