CADA Graduate Electives

Spring 2022 Graduate Electives

School of Design - DES 520 Electives (2 of 3)

School of Art and Art History - ART 520 Electives, Art History coursesMUSE Courses

School of Architecture - TBD

Spring 2022 Undergraduate Electives

DES 450 Electives PDF


General Electives Info

In order to be eligible to graduate you must complete 2 DES 520s and 4 other electives:

4 DES 520      Graduate Seminar A
4 DES 520      Graduate Seminar B
4 Elective A   (400- 500-level CADA course)
4 Elective B   (400- 500-level CADA course)
4 Elective C   (400- 500-level UIC course)
4 Elective D   (400- 500-level UIC course)
24 credits needed

  • You may take more than two DES 520s but you must take at least two.
  • DES 520s may also count as electives and all of these six courses could be DES 520s.
  • The other four electives must be 400-level or higher courses.
  • Two of the four electives must be CADA classes.
  • The other two can be any 400-level or higher class at UIC.

Please remember that the School of Design cannot give approvals for any class that is not a Design (DES) class—not even if the class is in CADA. If you wish to take an elective outside the School of Design, you will need to contact the professor who teaches the class for permission.

Please also remember that when the School of Design submits approval for you to register for a class, that process does not actually register you for the class. Once you have approval, you still need to manually register yourself for the course. Receiving approval to register for a class does not reserve a seat in the class.