MDes Industrial Design Year 1


You should plan to take the following required MDes Industrial Design courses in the Fall:

4  DES 500 Combined Studio (CRNs: 36116, 36117)

4  DES 501 Research Seminar I (CRNs: 36120, 36121)

4  DES 531 Master’s Project Research I (CRNs: 36128, 36129)

4  DES 520 Graduate Seminar 


16 credits


You may register for DES 500, DES 501 and DES 531 now. Please check to make sure that you are registering for the correct section of DES 500.

CADA faculty are still reviewing opportunities for ARCH/ART/DES 520 options. The days/times you see online may change. I expect that a full list of ARCH/ART/DES 520 classes and descriptions to be available by midsummer. Thank you for your patience.



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MDes Industrial Design Degree Planning Worksheet